Our residential services are available to all individuals who own/occupy private properties which require significant hygiene standards to create virus protection or general refurbishment through our nanotechnology product range.
Homeowners need personal protection against bacteria / viruses, or would like their property refurbished with super hydrophobic protection. Spectrum nanotech can provide a high standard of personal protection  for the home as well as exterior coatings to prevent property degradation form weather, mould, algae and damp.
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Consultation with the property owners will allow us to create a tailor made service which meets the exact requirements of the customer, dealing with coverage, protection, maintenance and budget needs.
Technical information will give the customer peace of mind that they have made the right choices when it comes to product range selection.
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Product choice will be subject to the individual customer needs on a case by case basis, and will be tailored to meet their requirements.
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Services will be carried out by our own trained staff or nominated qualified sub-contractors to an exacting standard, ensuring precise coverage and protection is achieved at all times.