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The antimicrobial spray technology has been independently tested and certified in accordance with BS EN 1276. 

The test against Coronavirus uses a surrogate organism for SARS-CoV2 in a multitude of testing using a feline coronavirus and has been validated for use in BS, EN, and PAS standard methods.

These tests use a feline coronavirus strain as a close but safer alternative to using the human pathogenic strain of coronavirus. Feline coronavirus is in the same family, therefore shares almost identical structures to human Coronavirus. 

Therefore, efficacy against the pandemic strain is only implied by this data and specific claims for the efficacy against SARS-CoV2 or COVID-19 cannot be made as the virus is not currently available for public commercial testing at this point in the pandemic.

Please note that our products are designed to perform for the life expectancy of the product, i.e., 90 days at 99.999% (LOG5), reducing to 99.99% (LOG4) thereafter and diminishing. The recommended respraying to maximise efficiency is every 90 days.


The supplier’s guarantee is based on the attesting, checks and certifications provided by the manufacturer, but the supplier is not responsible for any failure or breakdown, due to storage errors, incorrect application, intermittent abrasive cleaning procedures. Any such irregularities will invalidate the guarantee and no responsibility will fall on the supplier at any time.